K. Stanislavski State Russian Drama Theatre

Address: 7 Abovyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 569199, 583681, 583962

The Stanislavski State Russian Drama Theatre was established in 1937. The first actors of the theatre were invited from Moscow, Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), Tbilisi, and Baku. In short order, Armenian graduates from the Yerevan Theatre Institute supplemented the first troupe. Presently the theatre includes Russian classical and modern works, plays by Armenian and foreign authors, and performances for children. These include:
Gorin’s “Funeral prayer��?, Griboedov’s “Wit works woe��?, Gourkin’s “Baykalian quadrille��?, Shant’s “The princess of the fallen fortress��?, Sundukian’s “The ruined home��?, Ishkhanian’s “The king of Kilikia��?, Orton’s “What the butler saw��?, Lasege’s “Oh these French doings��?, Letrase’s “Baby��?, Chenau’s “Good luck��?, Benedetti-“I don’t know you anymore, Tyatte’s “The golden fish��?, Grigorian and Marinossian’s “Broken chain��?, and Ostrovski’s “The rainstorm.��? The performances for children are: Marshak’s “Cat’s house��? and “Tower house��?, Andersen’s “The princess and the soldier��?, Ustinov’s “Alyona’s lick��?, and Moroz and Shugurov’s “The princess and the pea��?.


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